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Why Rembrandt's The Night Watch is still a mystery  BBC News

When Rembrandt van Rijn died aged 63 in 1669, he was buried in an unmarked grave, in a plot owned by the church. After 20 years, as was customary for those ...

If you've got mystery artists in your Spotify history, here's why  AppleInsider

A number of Spotify listeners are encountering unknown artists in their play histories, something that appears connected to a 2018 security breach at Facebook.

Mystery Artists, Tracks Hacked Into Spotify Accounts To Generate Fake Streams

Mysterious artists and tracks are showing up again on Spotify and being hacked into user accounts and playlists, apparently to generate fake streams and ...

Blind visual artist paints audience while exploring mystery of Tom Thomson's death  CBC News

He's a blind visual artist and performer raised in Calgary and he's now answering the question a friend once asked, "How do you see?" Bruce Horak's ...

Who Was The 'Lady In White'? Titian Painted A Mystery Masterpiece  NPR

The elegant woman — wearing pearls, a long dress, and a slight smile — has captivated historians and art lovers for centuries. Was she a daughter? A wife?

Joe Diamond on Magic: “The Art is in the Mystery”  WGN Radio - Chicago

Joe Diamond has been called many things: a mind reader, an illusionist, a psychic, and a magician. The coolest thing about him is that he combines all of these ...

Mysterious, non-existent artists racked up thousands of listens on hijacked Spotify playlists  Business Insider

Spotify offered no explanation for the mystery artists, which have now vanished from the platform.

Midwinter mystery: How did a Pitchfork rock fest end up in the Art Institute?  Chicago Tribune

These are just a few of the ways the upcoming Midwinter will be different from popular music festivals you may be used to: There will be no forced mass retreats ...

On The House Mystery Book Signing | Arts  Greensboro News & Record

On The House, the second book in the House mystery series, has just been published, and the writer will be having a book launch book signing at Art Mongerz ...

Banksy In Japan? Tokyo Officials Rush To Verify Mystery Street Artwork

Tokyo is trying to verify if a drawing of a rat holding an umbrella that has been sprayed near a station is the work of the famous and mysterious street artist ...

Area15 bringing art, tech, Meow Wolf experience to Las Vegas  Las Vegas Review-Journal

The 200000-square foot confluence of art and technology falls somewhere in the no man's land between shopping mall and amusement park. It's set to open in ...

Scientists solve mystery of ‘acne’ on Georgia O’keeffe’s paintings  iNews

For decades, it was assumed the tiny clusters of pin-sized blisters bubbling on the surface of Georgia O'Keeffe's paintings were grains of sand, kicked up from ...

What Do You See in These Pubic-Hair Pics?  The Cut

The mystery behind a small row of stamps, acquired by the Morgan Library in New York from the Outsider art fair.

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