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Did Banksy Infiltrate the Venice Biennale? The Mystery Street Artist May Be Behind a New Refugee-Crisis Mural in the City  artnet News

A possible Banksy artwork featuring a child migrant calling for help has been spotted on the canals of Venice.

Kenny Schachter Reveals the Mystery Buyer of Jeff Koons’s Bunny—and Blurts Out Other Secrets From Auction Week as Well  artnet News

artnet News's intrepid columnist Kenny Schachter found plenty to marvel at in this latest round of New York sales.

Mystery Art Festival in Wichita Falls Returning Soon  Olney Enterprise

Event: Mystery Art Festival and Auction Dates: October 4 – 25, 2018 Location: The Kemp, 1300 Lamar Street, Wichita Falls TX 76308 Cost: FREE Contact: ...

A Scholar Has Cracked the Mystery of the Voynich Manuscript, the Encrypted Medieval Artwork That Defeated Codebreakers for Years  artnet News

A UK-based scholar has cracked the code of a mysterious 600-year-old document that some had thought was written by aliens.

The $91-million sale of a cheesy Jeff Koons statue shows the need for a wealth tax  Los Angeles Times

The $91-million sale of a Jeff Koons statuette to the Treasury secretary's father shows the rich have too much money.

Steve Cohen Outed as Mystery Buyer of $91 Million Koons Bunny  Bloomberg

Steve Cohen was unmasked by Artnet as the mystery buyer of a Jeff Koons rabbit sculpture last week in New York for $91 million, a record for a living artist at ...

Is art dead, or is Jeff Koons' Rabbit really worth $91 million?  Washington Examiner

A stainless steel bunny just became the most expensive work by a living artist — at the price of $91 million. So what makes Jeff Koons' Rabbit so special?

Double exposure for painter with two exhibits  Sarasota Herald-Tribune

Keith Crowley, a senior preparator at The Ringling, will have works on display at GAZE Modern and Art Center Sarasota.

Outdoor Art at Plum Bottom  Door County Pulse

Plum Bottom is welcoming the warmer weather with its annual Outdoor Art Show, May 25-June 1, at its Plum Bottom Road location. Be the first to see new bodies ...

Bob Dyer: Artist helped solve May 4 mystery  Akron Beacon Journal

After 49 years, I thought I had read or heard absolutely everything there was to know about May 4, 1970. Nope. In talking with Akron's most famous artist, Don ...

Review: 'The Souvenir' is an object of art for art's sake  AZ Big Media

Joanna Hogg's The Souvenir, an esoteric avant-garde film, promises a sequel at the end of the credits. It's rather tongue-in-cheek—on the cinematic spectrum, ...

'Blood and Treasure' flits smoothly between mystery and white-collar crime in the art world  MEAWW

'Blood and Treasure' premiere episodes introduce us to the key players of the show - Danny McNamara and Lexi Vaziri - and the equation between them.

Banksy: Street artist credited with fringe Venice Biennale artwork  Deutsche Welle

A video posted on the Instagram account of the ever-elusive British artist Banksy documents a new installation showing a controversial huge cruise ship docking ...

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