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‘Halston’ Review: The Designer as Unsolved Mystery  The New York Times

An energetic documentary about Halston paints a vivid picture of the atmosphere around him, but the man himself remains elusive.

All New Movies and TV Shows on Netflix in June 2019  Oprah Mag

New movies and TV shows are coming to Netflix in June 2019. Here's what to add to your queue—plus, be sure to watch these titles before they leave this ...

The 10 Best Movies of Cannes 2019  Variety

The Cannes Film Festival is too rich an event to have an “off” year, but by the end of the 72nd edition, it was more or less universally agreed upon that the festival ...

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston are together again in Netflix's 'Murder Mystery' movie  CNN

The stars reunited for an original movie coming soon to Netflix called "Murder Mystery."

Every Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Movie, Ranked by Surreality  Vulture

These days, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are mostly famous for smoking while leaning against the brick wall outside the office of their shared fashion line, The ...

'Tenet': What Is Christopher Nolan's Next Movie About?  Hollywood Reporter

Christopher Nolan is keeping the plot of his next movie, 'Tenet,' under lock and key, but there are plenty of clues to dig into.

The Class Clowns of ‘Booksmart’: Beanie Feldstein and Kaitlyn Dever  The New York Times

The stars of the coming-of-age comedy compare the film to their real-life high school experiences and explain how they became friends during the shoot.

Which Actress Has Appeared in the Most Hallmark Channel Movies?  The Cheat Sheet

Small towns, meet cutes, and romance. When you sit down to watch a Hallmark movie, you know what you're going to get — and that's part of the appeal.

Aladdin's Agrabah Is Based On Many Places, & That's Kind Of The Issue  Refinery29

There are many sources of inspiration for the city in "Aladdin" but that's also why it's been such a subject of hot debate for decades/

Elton John’s Magical Mystery Movie: Inside The Making of ‘Rocketman’  Rolling Stone

When director Dexter Fletcher signed on to make a movie about Elton John, he knew that a traditional docudrama — like Bohemian Rhapsody, say, or Walk the ...

Cannes 2019, Day 10: A French murder mystery (and other letdowns)  FRANCE 24

After the one-two punch of Quentin Tarantino and Bong Joon-ho, the Cannes Film Festival struggled to shake off the hangover with a pair of underwhelming ...

Tibbits Talk: Matt Biolchini-Mystery Movie Night-Classic Film Series  WTVB News

Matt Biolchini from the Tibbits Opera House preview this Saturday's Mystery Movie Night as part of the Classic Film Series.

Review: 'Brightburn' Fails To Live Up To Its Unique Concept  Forbes

The superhero genre has proved to be remarkably mutagenic, reshaping itself to fit almost any niche; action, comedy, western, sci-fi, fantasy, drama, sometimes ...

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