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Who Done It? Breaking Down the Sixth Episode of ‘True Detective.’  The Ringer

Meet the new season of True Detective, same as the first season of True Detective. OK, so Season 3 is not a complete retread of the critically acclaimed ...

  1. Alesha MacPhail: Murder accused sent Snapchat video of himself saying ‘found the guy who's done it’, court hears  The Independent
  2. Alesha MacPhail accused, 16, ‘sent Facebook message to pals saying he would kill one day for the e  The Sun
  3. Alesha MacPhail accused claimed to have said ‘found the guy who done it’ in Snapchat selfie video allegedly se
  4. Alesha MacPhail suspect, 16, sent 'bad joke' Snapchat selfie saying "Found the guy who's done it"
  5. Alesha MacPhail: accused posted video in Snapchat group with words ‘I’ve found guy who’s done it’  The Scotsman
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Who Done It? Breaking Down the Third Episode of ‘True Detective’  The Ringer

Who posed Will Purcell's hands like that? Is the church involved? And what exactly is in Brett Woodard's bag?

Who Done It? Breaking Down Episode 4 of HBO’s ‘True Detective’  The Ringer

Meet the new season of True Detective, same as the first season of True Detective. OK, so Season 3 is not a complete retread of the critically acclaimed ...

Who Done It? Breaking Down the Fifth Episode of HBO’s ‘True Detective’  The Ringer

Is there a larger conspiracy at hand? Does the "Amelia did it" theory hold water? And just how involved were the Purcell parents?

Who Done It  The Arctic Sounder

Lucy M. Kaleak, 47, of Utqiaġvik, pleaded guilty to the class A misdemeanor charge of violating a stalking or sexual assault protective order and reached a plea ...

The First 10 Hours Of Anthem: What Works And What Doesn't  Forbes

Anthem “launched” yesterday, kind of. PC Origin Premiere players get the full game, Xbox EA Access players get a 10 hour trial. I have burned through most of ...

Witnesses: Snowboarder who died on Bogus Basin Road didn’t launch off popular ‘gap’ cliff  Idaho Statesman

Idaho State Police say that Shea Helmick died while trying to jump the gap on Bogus Basin Road, about a mile down from the ski area.

Trump’s national emergency press conference, annotated  The Washington Post

President Trump declared a national emergency at the southern border on Friday -- but not without making a scene full of false claims, offbeat comments and ...

Howard: Local Fun Affair with Allen Fox - the man who's done it all in the World of Tennis  Prescott Daily Courier

Every now and then you run into someone who truly impresses you in a variety of avenues, hopefully for most of us that person is a boss or better yet our spouse, ...

Former CBP Commissioner Gil Kerlikowske On Trump's Border Declaration  NPR

NPR's Scott Simon asks former drug czar and U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Gil Kerlikowske about President Trump's declaration of a ...

'That's pretty firm': Why Amazon is done negotiating with New York

Given the depth of the local opposition, a top Amazon official said, "we decided we don't want to work in this environment in the long term."

NASA's Mars rover Opportunity has died. Here's what it gave humanity.  National Geographic

After more than 14 years driving across the surface of Mars, the NASA rover Opportunity has fallen silent—marking the end of a defining mission to another world ...

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