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Writer-in-residence hosts reading from debut young adult novel  Hilltop Views

Last Thursday, poet and St. Edward's Writer-in-Residence Carrie Fountain read from her debut young adult fiction novel “I'm Not Missing” as part of the Visiting ...

Dan Mallory, 2 Starkly Similar Novels and the Puzzle of Plagiarism  The New York Times

Readers have noticed an overlap between “The Woman in the Window,” by A.J. Finn — a pen name for Dan Mallory — and Sarah A. Denzil's “Saving April.”

Laura Bates on writing for young adults  The Bookseller

Writer and Everyday Sexism Project founder Laura Bates talks to Caroline Carpenter about her first YA novel, The Burning.

Book Twitter accuses historical novel 'The Cape Doctor' of transphobia  The Daily Dot

'The Cape Doctor' is a historical novel about Dr. James Barry, a 19th century transgender man, but it's earning backlash for referring to Barry as a woman.

Why I lied: after Dan Mallory, authors who faked their stories on what happened next  The Guardian

Does the true identity of a writer really matter? Authors who fabricated literary personas share how their fantasies became nightmares.

Book covers still use the phrase “A Novel” for works of fiction

As you circulate around your neighborhood bookstore or trawl the fiction section of Amazon, your eyes may sweep across the words “A Novel” on many a cover.

A Suspense Novelist’s Trail of Deceptions  The New Yorker

Ian Parker on the life of Dan Mallory, whose début thriller, “The Woman in the Window,” was published under the name A. J. Finn.

Flynn Berry On The True Crime That Inspired Her Book & Why She Loves Thrillers  Bustle

Each month, the Bustle Book Club asks an author to recommend a book they think everyone should read. In February, The Girl on the Train author Paula ...

‘Bigger isn’t automatically better’  Daily Mail

I met an old friend from university recently. We hadn't seen each other for a few years because he'd been busy pursuing a worthy career and having children, ...

Adèle by Leïla Slimani review – sex-addiction thriller  The Guardian

The follow-up to Lullaby centres on a modern-day Emma Bovary whose frustrated desires threaten to destroy her family.

Every Ounce of My Soul: An Interview with Gabino Iglesias  lareviewofbooks

FEBRUARY 13, 2019. WHEN I READ Gabino Iglesias's Zero Saints, it tore the top of my head off. It's easily one of my favorite noir novels of the 21st century.

Obituary: Andrea Levy  BBC News

Andrea Levy, who has died of cancer at the age of 62, told the stories of the Windrush generation with humour and compassion. As Britain struggled to revive its ...

Review: The Creativity Code: How AI Is Learning to Write, Paint and Think by Marcus du Sautoy — robots aren't Rembrandts... yet  The Times

A friend recently played me some strange, looping, aimless songs he found on Spotify, by a band that appears not to exist. Another friend gave me a collection of ...

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